Periodontology oral pathology

Periodontology & Oral pathology

Update dental college

Periodontology Dept. :

The department consists of oral pathology, oral medicine, and periodontology. The department is responsible for academic activities and clinical training for the 3rd year BDS students, clinical training for internee and providing treatment in outpatient department. Department also providing histopathological reports.

Dr. Md. Ashif Iqbal

Associate Professor,
Dept. of Periodontology & Oral Pathology
Update Dental College & Hospital, 
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Editor in Chief (Online)
Update Dental College Journal (UpDCJ)
Press & Publication Secretary
Bangladesh Periodontology Society (BPS)



Other Faculty Members


Dr. Suraiya yesmin

Lecturer and Medical Officer

Periodontology and Oral Pathology Dept. UpDC

Dr. Saifur rahman

Medical Officer, Diagnosis

Periodontology & Oral Pathology, UpDC


Dr. Huzzatul Islam Khan, a former lecturer, an ex-student of update Dental College in the Department of Oral Pathology and Periodontology. He is now on study leave at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada for his post-graduation degree. Wish his a bright successful future…..

Dr. Huzzatul Islam Khan

Ex-Lecturer (On study leave)

Departments Events

Schedule events are coming on the mention date: 

25th October, 9.00-10.00am 

Periodontology OPD, UPDC

27th  October at 09:00 am-10.30am

Periodontology OPD , UPDC

28th October  at 9.00-10.30am

Periodontology OPD, UPDC


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