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The financial structure for session 2020-21:

  • Development, Admission fees : Please contact with Office to know details. 
  • Tuition fees: 8000 BDT/ Month for local student
  • Session charge: 20,000 taka ( 1st session fee within development fee
  • Hostel fees: 4000 BDT/ Month for local student
  • For Hostel meal: 2500 BDT / Month 
  • There is no stipend for the internship. If a student wants to be paid during their internship, they should pay 1,80,000 BDT before admission; otherwise, there is no need to pay.
  • No other hidden charge
  • NB: This structure is not fixed and may change depending on management decisions.

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Financial structure for Foreign Students:
Session: 2020-21
Financial Structure for Foreign Student 1