Dining & Restaurants

Dining & Restaurants…..

Dining Services at the Update Dental College (UpDC) are operated by students though the college authority play a vital role in dining, food services, cafes and quick food/convenience shops and restaurants. The dining service usually offers a wide and creative variety of menu choices, delicious, healthy selections dining hours and meal plans made by seasoned and fresh ingredients. Our experienced chefs provide us with fresh, healthy, and tasty meals every day for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The dining services meet the dining needs of our campus community and also cater to the needs of our guests with convenience and flexibility in mind. The goal is to exceed your dining expectations at every meal. It’s not just our job but a privilege to help make your time with us as rewarding as possible.

You can pick up newspapers and small stationery items from UpDC campus local shops. There are some small restaurants in our campus which provides us with delicious snacks, breakfast and seasonal items. ‘Tajmahal’ restaurant is just next to the college campus, which has the accommodation facility with new menu items offering regional and ethnic cooking. If you are delicate food lover then “Little Italia” restaurant is there for you, which is just five minutes drive from the college campus. You would get a wide range of famous exotic Italian menu on the table.

Varieties of food with different delicious taste of food in Dhaka; Bangladesh:

Bangladeshi Local fruits: with delicious taste