Dear Customers, Bangladesh has become a Giant exporter in the World Clothing Sector. Now a day, Bangladesh gaining maximum Market share by the well-support of Importer, whole-seller in EUROPE, UK, USA & CANADA. To keep pace with the grouth, it has become impossible to be in a corner of the world and carryout business. With that end in view, to minimize time and communication gap, we are planning globally and have set-up our branches in all key places of the world besides already there in USA. Now we are in Hong-Kong, to cover importation of piece goods, in Mexico to cater Latin American Countries, in Sweden to take care of Scandinavian and European buyers. We will further improve perceptions of our long-term potential via transparent investor communications. After we successfully put ourselves on a solid track of profitable growth, investors desires for more transparency increased significantly. They want to know more about our future strategy and vision and have a better understanding of how we will deliver our plans. Performance and transparency make for credibility and that is what it takes to convince the market of our future potential. In this uncertain business environment, a company is required to not only consistently deliver strong performance, but also communicate to the market in a transparent manner. This poses a significant challenge. Since on one knows which solution will prevail, we must invest massively in R&D in pursuit of every viable alternative. At First world we have genuine regard not only for the interests of our clients but also for the interests of our Employees, suppliers, neighbors, members of the communities in which we operate. On a day-to-day basis, our operational line managers pay close attention to ensure quality and productivity. Operations depend om a cooperative and productive workforce, a satisfied customer base and a strong reputable brand. I would like to invite new customer to request a quotation from us and be very satisfied with the Quality, price & on-time delivery. We meet all the quality parameters of our valued Client, which is to be tested, we even can get goods Tested in any reputed laboratory who fallow American standard Testing Manual (ASTM). Compounded Annual Growth-Rate of our company is increasing day-by-day. Thanking you Managing Director

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