Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

Dr. Towhida Nasrin

Assistant Professor & Head


E-mail: towhida.nasrin@yahoo.com


At the end of the Undergraduate course, the student will able to:(According to BM&DC New Curriculum)

  1. Identify and diagnose anomalies of the dentition, occlusion, facial structures and abnormal functional conditions (Orthodontic patients)
  2. Detect deviations of the development of the dentition, of facial growth, and occurrence of functional abnormalities
  3. Identify pernicious oral habits that may lead to malocclusion.
  4. Conduct interceptive orthodontic measures
  5. Evaluate need for orthodontic treatment
  6. Formulate a treatment plan for simple type of malocclusions and execute
  7. Design, plan & fabricate simple universal type of Orthodontic treatment procedures(Hawley type appliances) insert and activate.
  8. Design, plan &fabricate functional appliance & insert, learn how to activate.
  9. Describe basic concept of fixed orthodontic appliance.
  10. Advice & aware the patients to take specialized Orthodontic consultation & refer when necessary.
Orthododntic dept syllabus