Conservative dentistry endodontics

Conservative dentistry & Endodontics

Faculty members

Prof. Dr. SM Abdul Quader

Professor & Head
Dept. of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
Principal, Update Dental College & Hospital, 
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Update Dental College & Hospital
Scientific & International Affairs Secretary
Bangladesh Endodontic Society
Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC)


Prof. Dr. Shirin Sultana Chowdhury

Professor (CC)

BDS, FCPS (Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics)


Selected Journal Papers 2018-2019

 1.Chowdhury SS, Howlader MR, Karim FAA, Quader SM. Endodontic Flare-up in Diabetic and Normal Individual: A 100 case study Update Dental College Journal 2019;9(2):2-4. DOI:

 2.S M Abdul Quader , M. Shamsul Alam , A Asgor Moral , M R Howlader , S Sultana Chowdhury Fahd A.A. Karim, Compressive Strength of Direct Tooth Colored Restorative Materials Update DentalCollege Journal 2019;9(2):36-39. DOI:

 3.Atiquzzaman Khan1Shirin Sultana Chowdhury2Rubaba Ahmed3, Mirza Md. Arifur Rahman4,SMA Quader5.Management of Sub-gingival Fracture of Tooth by Multi-disciplinary Approach International Journal of Human and Health Sciences 2019 ;03(03): 165-168 

4.Chowdhury SS, Karim FAA, Biodentin- A Bioactive Dentin Substitute in Operative Dentistry. Update Dental College Journal. 2018 October; 8(2):1DOI:

 Selected Journal Papers 2015-2017

 5.SMA Quader, MN Hasan, SS Chowdhury. CAD/CAM technology to reshape your Dental practice Update Dental College Journal 2015;4(2):1-3 DOI:  

6.Shirin Sultana Chowdhury, Md Nazmul Hasan and Rumana Afroz. Replantation of Knocked out    Teeth after Traumatic Avulsion BJMMR.2015 8(6): 544-548  DOI: 10.9734/BJMMR/2015/17710  

7. Hossain M1 Chowdhury SS2, Quader SM3.Bi-canalled mandibular canine with successful endodontic treatment:A Case Report. Bangladesh Journal of Endodontics 2017;2(1):21-23. 

8.SS Chowdhury,SMA Quader. Anatomical variation of Mandibular Molar Tooth morphology-An Endodontic importance Update Dental College Journal 2015;5(1);1-2 DOI: : 

9.TG Chowdhury, SMA Quader, TA Jannat, SS Chowdhury, KMR Jahan. Single visit apexification technique by root end barrier formation with MTA. Update Dental College Journal 2015;5(1):21-25. DOI: 

10.MR Howlader, TA Zannat., SS Chowdhury, MA Hossain. A Comparative study for the management of peri-radicular Pathosis by Conventional Root Canal Therapy and Non Instrumrntal Endodontic Therapy 
Mymensingh Medical College Journal 2017;26(1);154-8. 

11.FAA Kaim, A Sultana, MAH Sheikh, SMA Quader , S Sultana, TA Zannat, D Rahman. Effectiveness of Ledermix in management  of Deep caries. Bangladesh Journal of Endodontic 2017; 2(2);3-9. 


Selected Journal Papers 2013-2014  

12.Howlader MR, SS Chowdhury ,Rahman M, Hossain MA, Zannat TA Endodontic Management of Symptomatic pulpal pathosis by Single-visit Root Canal Therapy. Mymensingh Medical Journal, 2014;23(2):321-328. Pubmed  

13.Shikder AHMJH, Chowdhury SS, Quader SMA.Management of Cracked tooth syndrome: A case Report.Update Dental College Journal  2014;4(1):53-58. DOI: 

14.SS Chowdhury, AKM Bashar. Progressive idiopathic external root resorption in multiple teeth: A 6 years follow-up study Update Dental College Journal 2014;4(2):14-19. 

15.A Khan, R Ahmed, SS Chowdhury, S. M. Abdul Quader, Incidence of four canals
in root canal treated mandibular first molars in Bangladesh
. Update Dental College Journal 2014;04(02):04-08. DOI:  

 16.SM A Quader, Md Nazmul Hasan. Shirin Sultana Chowdhury. CAD/CaM technology to reshape your dental oractice. Updat Dent. Coll. J 2014;4(2):1-3.  

17.Chowdhury SS, SMA Quader Radix Entomolaris: Non-surgical approach in Endodontics.Update Dental College Journal  2013;3(1): 49-53.   DOI:  

18.Hasan MN, Chowdhury SS, Quader SMA. Cone-Beam Computed Tomography for managing impacted canine in orthodontics. Update Dent College Journal, 2013; 3(2):61-64 DOI:  

 19. Chowdhury SS, MR Howlader. Management of  Accidentally Avulsed Tooth: A Case    Report.
Journal of Bangladesh College of  Physicians and Surgeons
, 2013;31(1):39-44. Index Copernicus 

20. SS Chowdhury, MN Hasan. Radix Entomolaris in mandibular molars: An Endomolaris  Challenge.Update Dental college Journal 2014;4(1):49-50. 

21.MN Hasan, SS Chowdhury. The long tedious of cleft lip and palate-seeks multidisciplinary approach to smoothen. Update Dental College Journal 2014;4(1):49-52.   DOI .

Selected Journal Papers 2009- 2012  

22. Chowdhury SS, Alam MS. Management of Tooth Resorption by Using Calcium Hydroxide: A
Case Report. BSMMU Journal, 2012; 5(1): 72-75. 

23. Chowdhury SS, Hasan MN, Shahin ASM. Non-surgical Endodontic Management of Extra-oral Sinus Tracts Associated with Peri-apical lesions: Report of Two Cases. Bangladesh Medical College Journal  January 2012;17(1):50-54. 

24. Hasan MN , Chowdhury SS, Khan MAA, Taleb A, Abid MMA; Tooth-size discrepancy – An important diagnostic tool to measure the outcome of orthodontic treatment completion: A Review. Bangladesh Journal of Dental Research & Education, 2011; 1(1): 27-29.  

25. A Khan, Chowdhury SS, R Ahmed, MM Islam. Management of Apical Resorption by Orthograde Root
end Filling with MTA: A Case Report.  Bangladesh Dental Journal 2009;25(1-2):40-44 

26. MN Hasan, SS Chowdhury, S M A Quader. Positional variation of mental foramen in Bangladeshi population- an important consideation for implant retain orthodontic anchoragr. 4th World Implant Orthodontics Congresss, Sydney, Austrailia, 2012:Abstrac Book:36-37.  


27. Chowdhury SS, Hasan MN, Shahin ASM Non-Surgical Management of Extra-oral Sinus Tract Associated with Peri-apical Lesions: Report of Two Cases Bangladesh Med. Coll. Jan2012;17(1):50-54.

Other faculty members:

Dr. Fahd A. A. Karim

Associate Professor

Dr. Kazi Hossain Mahmud


Assistant Professor .

Dr. Mahabubul Hossain

Lecturer & Dental Surgeon, BDS

Dr. Daisy Roaza

Lecturer, BDS

Dr. Taufiqur Rahman

Lecturer, BDS
MSc on course
University sains Malaysia

Dr. Md. Moktadir Hossain

Lecturer & Dental Surgeon, BDS

Dr. Tasnim-A-Jannat

Lecturer & Dental Surgeon, BDS