Library Service

From Libraries to learning technologies…..

During your studies you will have access to unique academic resources. Our enriched library provides access to excellent information services and facilities to students, faculty members and researchers to facilitate them to become active and lifelong learners. The resource is complemented by more than 2500 books on diverse core and specialized subjects and have subscription to print version of national and international journals in various disciplines of medical and dental science. This large collection of books, reference books and journals provide up – to date information to the students and teachers. Lt has computer guided different programmes which Provide online access to internet. Moreover, specialist support staff will help you to navigate the library collection and identify the materials that you need. Subject Advisors will also provide help, training and documentation to support your research, project work, essays and dissertations. The Library opens late, up to 8 Pm, this helps to reflect students working patterns. The Library also houses a range of flexible learning and meeting spaces from room for group work to quite concerns for individual study.

Update Dental College works on continual basis to take advantage of new and emerging technologies to support flexible and innovative learning support. The Virtual Campus (VC) is an Online environment providing a web_ based interface for students to access resources for support of teaching and learning, including administrative systems and support services. The VC Provides resources such as the interface for interactive online clinical scenarios, online timetables, lecture resources, course information, examination results, past papers and course feedback system. Our library is also equipped with LIBSYS software to automate their functioning and services. Other developments are on process, including interactive tutorials, e- learning resources, subject specific Frequently asked question bank and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) facility.