Aichi Medical Group

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About Us

Our joint venture cooperate with Bangladesh Aichi group established by Prof. Dr. Moazzem Hossain who has studied Nagoya University in Japan 4 years with BD government support. This group operates medical college, dental university, nursing university, 2 hospitals. Our new Hospital  will have 20% volunteer Bed as well as academic outpatient department for low income groups In addition to specialized medical service. Our hospital will contribute to regional medical care as a general hospital in this area.

UpDate Dental College & Hospital

An Academy of excellence with 7 (Seven) storied building. Area in each floor 15,000 square feet. Total area 1,05,000 square feet. Approved by the Ministry of Health & Family Planning   (MHFP),   Govt. of PR of  Bangladesh, March 2008. Affiliated by University of Dhaka, Bangladesh June 2008. Recognized by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC) from   the session 2007-08. 6th   batch has already became Dental Surgeon and doing  Internship training from 15th Sep, 2017.

East West Medical College & Hospital

East-West Medical College is one of the prominent Medical college in the private sector to train the students for becoming knowledgeable & engaging medical practitioner. Discipline, hard work & follow-up are the basic building blocks of this college. Students, teachers and staff of the college have been working as a team from the inception of this institution.
The results & achievements of this college so far can claim admiration. Students have engaged themselves in their studies very enthusiastically with open minds & the teachers teach them holistically. Our approach is practical & traditional but the thinking is always revolving around the modern medical innovations.


Aichi Medical College & Hospital

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