Founder Chairman Message

Prof. Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain

Founder Chairman

It is my immense pleasure to welcome the viewers of Update Dental College website. Indeed it is an honor to acknowledge the accelerated progress of the college. In a short period of time the college has established itself on a very strong footing and earned a prominent position in the dentistry arena.  

Academic achievements by the students as reflected by positions attained in various university examinations have attracted the attention of the inquisitive people of the country. Our efforts have proved that the youth are capable of steering this nation on the path of progress by using the power of knowledge as their strongest tool. Peoples attitude towards our solemn task has intensified our self-esteem, courage and confidence to build up an education and health empire even short duration.

We have been able to create a congenial environment in which students as well as scholars can easily nurture their inherent potentialities. It is my advice to the students to work hard to achieve excellence in their professional knowledge and practical skill in order to meet the challenges of the time to come. They must explore the new horizons in the field of dental science so that they can exert responsibilities effective manner.