Periodontology & Oral Medicine

Update Dental college


This dept. mainly deals with Gum diseases and management of different oral ulceration and pre-malignant lesions of the oral cavity….. 

We're a dedicated team of UpDC OPD to clean your mouth cavity and make your teeth & gum healthy for better smile and function

The department consists of oral pathology, oral medicine, and periodontology. The department is responsible for academic activities and clinical training for the 3rd year BDS students, clinical training for internee and providing treatment in outpatient department. Department also providing histopathological reports.

OPD Doctors:

Dr. Md. Ashif Iqbal

Associate Professor & Head

  1. Gum diseases management
  2. Non surgical periodontal therapy
  3. Surgical periodontal therapy
  4. Oral medicine disease diagnosis and management

lecturer & Dental surgeon

Dr. Suraya Yesmin

Lecturer & Dental Surgeon

Dr. Nayna Binte Shahabuddin

Lecturer & Dental Surgeon